About The Home Consignment Center Fine Jewelry Departments

The Home Consignment Center Fine Jewelry Departments have been providing professional fine jewelry consignment services for over twenty years from our locations in California, Nevada and Texas.

Our showrooms attract a wide variety of incredibly beautiful gold, silver and platinum jewelry from private parties, designers, custom manufacturers, fine jewelry wholesalers and importers.

We strive to deliver the best possible value for both consignors and purchasers, providing a safe, secure and friendly environment where customers can enjoy viewing an extraordinary selection of interesting, unique fine jewelry of all types and design eras.

Our time-proven inventory controls and automated payment systems safely ensure that consignors receive a considerably higher amount for their fine jewelry than they would trying to sell their items to jewelers, dealers or gold buyers or on CraigsList or Ebay.

Also, our appraisal verification guarantee ensures that buyers are always purchasing fine jewelry at non-inflated prices, making it easy to save big when compared to typical retail jewelry stores prices.